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kenya wildlife

Kenya is one of the premier safari destinations on the East African continent, well known for its cultural safari heritage. The stunning scenery, teaming wildlife, diverse tribes and the friendliest of welcomes led to an explosion of tourist numbers through the 80s and 90s. The rapid development in some areas brought a decline in quality due to high numbers of visitors. The tourism industry responded aptly and despite that there remain some circuits well traveled by the mass market, there is now an amazing array of private conservancies and stunning boutique camps and lodges.

This is the safari experience we believe in for our clients. The community conservancies are extremely valuable conservation tools and economic resource and through strict controls on visitor numbers the wilderness experience is first class. Join us for a visit to the home of safari and enjoy this remarkable renaissance …


A Few of Our Favourite Accommodation options

  • Acc_option_kicheche-valley-fav-accom
    Intimate luxury tented camp

    Kicheche Valley, is an intimate luxury tented camp composed of only 6 tents on platforms amongst the trees and rocky outcrops of a hidden valley in Naboisho Conservancy. This prolific conservancy opens up a whole new area of the Maasai Mara to explore on foot or on day or night game drives.  

  • Acc_option_tawi-lodge-fav-accom
    Majestic and private

    Renowned for it’s attention to detail and quality service the exquisite Tawi Lodge sits in a private conservancy adjacent to Amboseli National Park. Beyond the waterhole sits the majestic backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro.  

  • Acc_option_porini
    High quality wildlife safari experience

    This camping safari has been designed to offer the same high quality wildlife safari experience provided by the luxury safari camps, with 4x4 game viewing escorted by top class guides and in exclusive wildlife conservancies away from the tourist minibuses, but at a hugely reduced price by staying in small basic adventure camps.  

  • Acc_option_chui-lodge-fav-accom
    Place of Peace

    Located on Oserian Wildlife Conservancy, by a waterhole, overlooking the dramatic backdrop of the Rift Valley and the Mau escarpment. Chui Lodge truly is the epitome of the Maasai word Oserian meaning "Place of Peace".  

  • Acc_option_saasab-fav-accom
    Majestically beautiful

    Majestically situated on the high banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River in West Gate Conservancy, adjacent to Samburu Reserve, Sasaab is a beautifully appointed camp where the surrounding areas command breathtaking views across the arid landscape of the Northern Frontier District.  

  • Acc_option_saruni-samburu-fav-accom
    Serene and relaxing

    Perched on the top of the Kalama Mountains with an all-round view to Northen Kenya, Saruni Samburu is a spectacularly designed lodge set in the serene and relaxing environment of Kalama Conservany.  

  • Acc_option_solio-lodge-fav-accom
    A hidden jewel

    Nestled in the valley between the dramatic slopes of Mount Kenya and the rolling peaks of the Aberdare Mountains. The Solio Reserve is a hidden jewel with few visitors yet is home to a diverse and numerous population of wildlife, including an incredible density of both black and white rhino.  

  • Acc_option_elsas-kopje-fav-accom
    Built into a rocky outcrop with stunning views

    Elsa's Kopje is renowned for being one of the most elegant lodges in Africa, with the most spectacular setting built into a rocky outcrop with stunning views. Located in the beautiful Meru National Park offering a superb wilderness experience off the beaten track  


Kenya is a land as diverse as your imagination, from a lion's roar to a bird's chirp, a Maasai warrior to a fisherman, snow-capped peaks to thick forests and sandy silver beaches to grassy plains. At the heart of East Africa, straddling the equator, is a land of wildlife documentary heaven and a sunbather's paradise!

The country plays host to the largest animal movement in the world during the annual migration (now declared The 7th Wonder of the World) into the Maasai Mara, which is home to elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard and many others 'lesser famous' wildlife, and has a heritage & culture which fascinates all those who visit.


Safari / kenya PACKAGES
  • Elsamere

The Kenya Lakes & Mara Safari

A chance to explore the Rift Valley Lakes and the majestic Mara. A 5 night 6 day safari adventure, visiting the Rift Valley Lakes with a chance to explore the pink wonders of Lake Nakuru and the famous Masai Mara.

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  • © Palacina

The Kenya Classic Safari

This is a 6 night 7 day safari exploring the most rewarding locations in the different regions of Kenya such as the Rift Valley, the lush Central highlands, and the world famous Masai Mara.

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  • © Atua Enkop

Explore Kenya Safari

This is a 9 night 10 day safari exploring the most rewarding locations in the different regions of Kenya such as the Rift Valley, the lush Central highlands, the semi arid Samburu territory and the world famous Masai Mara.

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Simply Stylish Safari

A wonderful safari experience visiting two diverse eco-systems in the hands of expert guides and staying in luxurious classic bush camps. Porini Camp and the Selenkay Conservation area combined with Kicheche Mara Camp, located in Mara North Conservancy is the perfect combination of two very different bush experiences.

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  • © Kicheche Camps

Kicheche Conservancy Safari

This classic Conservancy Safari visits two diverse eco - systems in the hands of expert guides and your home will be two luxurious camps. Ol Pejeta Conservancy is located in central Kenya and offers 90,000 acres to enjoy quality game viewing.

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