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Atta Travel

The African Travel & Tourism Association (Atta) is a trade association that promotes tourism to Africa from all corners of the world. Recognised as the Voice of African Tourism, Atta serves and supports businesses in Africa representing buyers and suppliers of tourism product across 22 African countries. With over 550 members, Atta acts as Pan-Africa’s largest network of tourism product covering not only accommodation, transport and travel specialists in Africa, but a formidable selection of tour operators, representation and PR companies worldwide promoting tourism to Africa. 

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The Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association is an examining body whose aim is to improve the quality of Driver Guides for the Kenya tourist industry. Tourists expect and are entitled to be accompanied by qualified guides during their visits to Kenya. The KPSGA is committed to ensuring that this is the case.


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Kato Kenya Bonded

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) is Kenya's foremost tourism trade association, representing the interests of over 250 of the leading and most experienced professional tour operators in Kenya. Our members are amongst the finest safari operators in the world, and offer a wide range of services.

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Saving Wild

As a subscriber to you will not only find information and inspiration for your passions, but also support, and friendship with like-minded souls. And, together, we can spread compassion for saving wild around the world. So, sign up and then check out some of our stories. 

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Olare Motogori Trust - Maasai Mara

May 2006 was a landmark date for conservation in the Maasai Mara with the formation of Olare Orok Conservancy bordering the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. This was the date when a deal was brokered with the 277 Maasai landowners that has since become the template for the Mara community wildlife conservancies and a blue-print for the sustainability of the greater Maasai Mara eco-system. The Conservancy later expanded to also encompass Motorogi lands, thereby becoming OLARE MOTOROGI CONSERVANCY.

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